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"in science fiction, we dream"
- ray bradbury

bubble boys

our intergalactic inflatable astronauts

the L.e.d.s

our brilliantly blazing illuminated automatons

silver speed team

our slick silver space cadets

the collective

our ferocious futuristic assimilators


our whacky, eccentric comic alien

rubber aliens

our resilient, ductile, stretchy visitors

bubble boys

Flirty, laughing, dancing, spinning, joyous, raucous Bubble Boys.

Happy, smiling, giddy with excitment, jumping, bouncing Bubble Boys.

Kissing, leaping, crazy, full of wonder, friendly, blissful Bubble Boys.

the l.e.d.s

Mirra Bella is a walking, dancing
human mirror ball, she is covered in
thousands of mirrored tiles
and quite literally glows.

She also comes with her own light source, namely Black Beam and High Beam.

Black Beam is utterly black and has two powerful UV lights on his head, which makes anything white or Ultra Violet come to life.

High Beam has an incredibly strong light on his head, as well as a strobe on his chest and is quite capable of lighting up an entire room.

silver speed team

A group of visually stunning characters who utilise skates, a scooter, bouncing stilts and peg stilts to create mayhem and excitement.

Able to cover large areas in a very short space of time they are ideal to bring an impact  to any event.

character's include...
the courageous Rocket Man,
the bouncing archangel,
the swift and beautiful Valkyrie,
the aerodynamic Speedster,
and the cool and sexy Silver Angel, 

All completely silver, all built for speed,
and all very impressive.

the collective

The hive queen and her two drones, are a scout group sent by the Collective, to establish whether the human race is fit for assimilation.

The drones have blowers on their backs that sends forth a rush of air as they scan humans for suitability. The hive queen will then decide the victim's fate.

Bow down before them,
for resistance is futile!


Flume is an alien sea monkey, who's space ship just happened to crash land on the sunny shores of Australia! Hence his rather unusual and ear splitting Aussie twang.

Culturally, he's not very adept but he is on the lookout to find love and he will sanction the help of anyone he encounters on his quest.

rubber aliens

Two Maliens, Two Femailens...
all love!

Your traditional 50's style aliens,
all green, fascinated by mankind,
innocent, excitable and very curious.

These lovable non verbal characters uphold
all the characteristics and values of a bye gone era...

with just a little bit of sexiness that only slippery wet rubber can enhance.
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