"why fit in when you were born to stand out?"
- dr seuss

mirror man

our reflective, polished and
sophisticated gent

oinga boingas

our effervescent air-filled
ladies of mirth

the vogues

our fabulous, fantastical fashionistas


our whacky, eccentric comic alien

mirror man

The Mirror Man is a living statue but due to the nature of his reflective qualities,  his suit becomes highly animated with even the smallest change of perspective.

He is startling in sunlight and mesmerizingly beautiful in artificial light. He is the epitome of ambient entertainment, something that will wow your guests and provide a real talking point without being too obtrusive.

The Mirror Man can come with a rotating podium that literally turns him into a human Mirror Ball. We also have colour changing L.E.D lights that can be hired with him.

oinga boingas

Millie Can Can, G La La and Betty Betty are your super sized, super fun Oinga Boinga Girls.

Inspired by Japanese Manga and Anime, the girls will bounce their way into your heart.

With their painted smiles and inner lights they are perpetually happy and bring super fun happy joy joy to all who meet them.

Boing Boing!

the vogues

8 - Ball, Spikerella and Passiona
are the fashion police and here
to keep your fashion faux pas in check.

Being the very height of fashion and constantly aware of what's currently trending, they are
happy to step in and tell you if you're
'doing it wrong.'

Equally, our fabulous 3 will heap praise
upon those they feel are 'getting it right.'

It seems black, white and inflatable is
going to be all the rage this season.


Flume is an alien sea monkey who's space ship just happened to crash land on the sunny shores of Australia! Hence his rather unusual and ear splitting Aussie twang.

Culturally, he's not very adept but he is on the lookout to find love and he will sanction the help of anyone he encounters on his quest.
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